Can I install dual sided power meter TWiN2 on my crank set? List of compatible cranksets.

The dual sided power meter TWiN2 is available for a one-drive MTB cranksets in 1×11 and 1×12 systems.

You can check all compatible crank sets HERE

Can dual sided power meter TWiN2 be installed on the road bike?

No, it can’t. Due to limited space available between crank arm and bike frame it is impossible

Can TWiN2 be installed on the double chainring crankset?

No, TWiN2 power meter is designed for a single chainring cranksets only

I've already had tha left sided powermeter INPEAK. Can I upgrade it to dual sided version?

Yes, if you are the owner of INPEAK POWERCRANK we can integrate powermeter on right crank arm and calibrate it with your left powermeter to make the TWiN2 solution. This option is available for powercrank V2 only.

How to connect TWiN2 with my bike computer?

Connecting the dual sided TWiN2 is the same process like the one sided POWERCRANK.

Connection via ANT+: In your bike computer go to settings -> sensors -> add new. Than search for available sensors and choose ANT+ ID that is correct for your device.

Connection via BLE: In your bike computer go to settings -> sensors -> add new. Than search for available sensors and choose POWERCRANK L.XXXX (where XXXX is ANT+ ID that is correct for your device). The right powermeter will be connected automatically then.

My bike computer finds only one device available. Is that correct?

Dependently on connection protocol (ANT+ or BLE) bike computer can find one or two devices INPEAK:

Connection via ANT+ – you will see only one device INPEAK – ANT+ ID of your left crank arm. Connect with it, the right powermeter will be connected automatically then, and the data will be sent.

Connection via BLE: You will see two devices: POWERCRANK R.XXXX and POWERCRANK L.XXXX (where XXXX are ANT + ID number). Dependently on model of bike computer you will be able to add both or only one (left) device – that will count the calculted LR power. To use it check in mobile app if the Zwift compability option is turned on.

How to perform calibration of TWiN2?

The calibration process is the same like in the case of one-sided INPEAK powermeter.

1.Place your bike in “riding position” – look photo.

2. Turn on the powermeter by turing the cranks twice backwards.

3. Ensure that battery level in both powermeters is at least 10%

4. Place left crank arm verticaly downward (with pedal installed). Make sure that cranks are not touched by anything.

5. Pair your bike computer with POWERCRANK choosing or enterning the ANT+ ID number placed on the package.

6. Use ZERO-OFFSET option in your bike computer and wait for respose.

7. After a while you will see the response from your bike computer – the value of calibration should be between -5 and 5.

This process may take up to 20 seconds. If the calibration value is out of that range please contact support@inpeak.pl. After successfull calibration the device is ready for a ride. NOTE: Calibration should be perfromed often, especially when the weather conditions are changing to provide the highest precision of measurements. Calibration must be performed after every crank set assemble and battery change.

Do i have to remove chainring from my crankset?

No, do not remove chainring and send it to use with both crank arms.

Which crankset elemenst do i have to send to you to install TWiN2 powermeter?

For the installation process we will need:

– right crank arm with the chainring installed

– left crank arm

-crank spindle (integrated with left or right arm dependantly on producer)

DO NOT send crank arms with pedals installed please remove them before shipping

DO NOT remove the mounting screw

How can I check the battery level?

If you are connected via ANT+ protocol your bike computer will warn you about low battery level.

If you want to check it use INPEAK Manager app (remeber to add left and right powermeter separetly)