We love cycling. Riding a bike is freedom, a source of challenges and adrenaline, unique routes and adventure. Well, however, we know that driving tastes best at a pace. The desire to become better and faster - it drives to training. We are actively training and racing ourselves. INPEAK was created from our passion, the brand under which we offer the highest quality power meters. Exactly what we dreamed of as riders. It is a well-thought-out and proven design. Our devices are light, waterproof, resistant to difficult weather conditions and accurate, 100% hand-made in Poland. Our passion for engineering, combined with the experience gained over the years, allowed us to create a power meter that meets the needs of the most demanding users and riders.

read the power at the highest level of precision regardless of conditions
operation regardless of weather is ensured by IP67
POWERCRANK is only + 12g for your bike
AVG Watt


Our Team

Meet people who will help you to be in the best shape.
Marcin Kawalec
Marcin Kawalec

Freaky in MTB cycling, electronics and new technologies.

Dawid Markiel
Dawid Markiel

Focused on development, a cycling enthusiast looking for new solutions.